Lori Henely Bio


Lori’s Special Event Planning and Culinary School background have sharpened her skills over 20 years providing great pleasure and sage experience.

Lori’s attention to detail in preparing cuisine is only one facet of her driving passion…to serve others right where they are now.

Lori specializes in dietary requests for Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Casein Free. food allergy sensitive people or best of your preferences.. yummy dishes… even those who are not allergic love her cuisine created from scratch.

Lori’s experience with elder care-giving is a new addition to her resume of work expertise serving others.

She brings wisdom, competency with an unlimited amount of compassion.

Those experiencing Dementia, Neurological issues, Physical limitations or just requiring companionship, Lori is sensitive to collaborating with family members or friends who require planning long-term care for another… those who can no longer care for themselves.


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