Our Client Case Studies

I am a Personal Chef hired to cook for others with a wide range of preferences.

I am driven to make others happy with my cuisine.

I respect confidentiality therefore I use the term “Case Study” to describe my experience when cooking for others with food allergies.

I hope sharing my perspective will help others to be an advocate…eat well and be healthy.

Case Study

26 year old Female with history of headaches, tummy upset, excessive gas and extreme fatigue for 5 years since the age of 21.

I was contacted to teach client how to cook healthy so she could replace fast food.

Her symptoms ranged from hay-fever, raging headaches to debilitating stomach upset requiring time off of work and monthly visits to Doctor seeking help.

Client determined on her own… she was Lactose Intolerant by “Consequences”…example…eating Ice Cream she would become tummy miserable for the next 12 hours..(no details required I’m sure you get it)

From my perspective, she was playing “Russian Roulette” with her health but I could only encourage alternatives, the choice was her’s to eat well.

I admit in 2009 I was less educated about food allergies and therefore tended to think you ( the suffering client ) was maybe being just picky, suffering from emotional problems or just looking for attention.


I have learned that when you finally get sick and tired of being sick and tired…you will investigate and take action. You need an advocate too!

I have increased my capacity for empathy, please excuse my digress. It’s difficult for others to comprehend the depression and impact caused by food allergies…until you walk a mile in your shoes.

When you know better, you do better…5 years later I do better from personal experience. Watching others suffering and then getting well is what I live to do.

So eat well to be well.

Check back for updates on Gluten Intolerance for this client…wow!

Oct 22, 2013 Update

I accompanied client to her appointment with Internal Medicine Doctor yesterday. What an education!

Client was on a Diet without Dairy or Gluten for a year and was still suffering… so it was time to investigate further.

Lab Blood workup showed only allergy was to dust…we were both frustrated but determined to find solutions for her tummy upset and fatigue.

Client was becoming depressed and I was committed by choice (I have no allergies) by following Gluten & Lactose Free diet…I wanted to know what it was like to be forced “Offside” by Food Allergies…it sucks at first but it does get better.

Doctor explained that our intestinal track can become inflamed…he used an excellent analogy.

Dr. asked if she had ever fallen and scrapped her knee?  She said, “of course I have”…yes!

Dr. said, “Well would you put jalapeno peppers on your skinned knee?”

Client responded, ” Of course not and laughed…that would hurt”. Dr. explained that’s what you are doing when your intestines are inflamed and you continue to eat certain foods.

Made sense!

So here are the recommendations from Doctor who spent 2 hours with us.

I quote”Exercise and Eat like a Third Grader”

  • This means EAT GOOD BREAKFAST at home then WALK to school @ 8am
  • Recess break means EAT GOOD Nutritional Snack and GO PLAY @ 10am
  • Go back to class until lunch
  • Go back to class until afternoon break
  • Recess break means EAT GOOD Nutritional Snack and GO PLAY @ 1:30pm
  • WALK home from school @ 2:30pm
  • Do your homework,

Have a snack before bedtime…nite nite

Dr also said I quote, “Drink 6 – 16oz bottles of water everyday, this helps reduce toxins in your body and reduces STOMACH ACIDS”

Client and myself were drinking half that amount per day…it was all starting to make more sense to both of us…we were our own worst enemy.

Not drinking enough water, lack of exercise to reduce stress were diagnosed as contributory factors to her tummy upset. Dr. explained not “releasing stress” by exercising like a ” Third Grader” caused excessive stomach acid which causes a domino affect with foods we eat and we become sick.

Next DR. asked, ” DO YOU SMOKE?” client had to admit to smoking cigarettes…A PACK A DAY!

Did you know that nicotine is a strong tummy irritant?

I didn’t know that!

Of course we all know smoking is bad for us because of lung disease, cancer and general poor health. So if you smoke and you have tummy troubles…add that to your list of negative’s if you smoke.

This is a 26 year old female that is tall and more physically beautiful than average…previously a fashion fit model, very smart, people oriented, educated and currently working as an Executive Administrative Assistant…now devastated by food allergies.

I am 50 years old… feeling guilty… that I feel so good… in comparison to my client… and this is why…I have not followed the rules that Dr. has prescribed either…. so therefore I am choosing to do better today….my life could take a turn for the worst just like her’s did.

How dare I take my health for granted.


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